Israel: To Stop The Threats And To Avoid The Killing Of Children

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Israel: To Stop The Threats And To Avoid The Killing Of Children
Berlin. (Germany). July 13, 2014. Certainly Israel has the right to defend itself like any other nation or person under attack. Somehow the task needs to be fullfilled to stop the threats only, which are rockets and bombs fired upon Israel. The threats are not the Arab people or people of the Muslim faith. Israel needs to avoid to kill innocent children and civilians bystanders in Gaza or other places. Some Arab people and some people might be the enemies of Israel. However it is not possible to overcome evil with evil. The only way how to overcome evil is with good, love and compassion.

To stop the rockets and the bombs is legal and for millions of people in Israel also vital. The killing and the death of children and innocent bystanders in Gaza or any other place in this world is not acceptal and not legal.
Israel has the right to neutralize the rockets and bombs fired upon Israel and has the right to protect the nation and its citizen. The mission to STOP THE THREATS will be accomplished with neutralizing the rockets and the bombs.
To go for terrorists and „to hunt them down“ is another subject and is maybe wasting to much energy and ressources because some other forces might take care of terrorist with an intention to kill innocent people in Israel or even in other places.
The civilian people of Gaza and children may have no chance to leave or to evacuate right on time, especially if they are kept as human shields by terrorist forces or if there is no space where to escape, too.
Israel is blessed with a modern defense system called Iron Dome which is able to take out rockets and bombs and has brave soldiers from the IDF which are able to hit or to take out the rockets and bombs. This leads to the conclusion that there is no need to hunt for terrorists which are hiding maybe in Mosques, hospitals, schools and other private and public places in Gaza. All Israel needs to do is to stop the threats – rockets and bombs – , which means in other words: Stop the rockets and bombs or to neutralize these threats that no one will suffer harm.
The bloodshep of innocent children and innocent bystanders from Israel and Gaza will not bring back the children and people to life which have been killed already since the beginning of July 2014.
What will happen in the future is at this present time not subject for a solution how to reach the aim of cease fire. At this time it would make even no sense to launch talks for peace. Neither Jews, Israelis, Arabs or any other person or members of religious groups or faith groups would listen. There are plenty of public debates about Israel and Palestine.
It is possible to stop the current threats, which are rockets maybe also bombs.
All people have the right to exist, the right to live, the right to access and to practice human rights peacefully, no matter what kind of faith they might practice or not and no matter what kind of nationality they belong to.
Perhaps we should pray that Israel will be able to stop the threats which are rockets and perhaps bombs and pray for the safety of the people in Israel and for the safety of the civilian people and children in Gaza, too. May we should pray also for wisdom, love and compassion for the leaders, political leaders, military leaders in Israel and in Gaza, too.
The killing and suffering of people in Israel and in Gaza or even in many other places in this world is not necessary. All people have the right to live, to experience peace now and to experience joy.
Andreas Klamm Sabaot, Journalist, author, writer, nurse R.N., paramedic and Founder of Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters,, and ISMOT International Social And Medical Outreach Team,
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